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Letters to the Editor lacking Coffs input

I took a few moments to scan all the Letters To The Editor online here all the way back to the beginning of the year.

It didn't take long but there was one glaring fact: there were few from Coffs Harbour or surrounds.

Is the reason that there are no locals writing in? Or that they are being edited out? It looks like the paper originates in a faraway state piped into our town with little local content from the most important voices in the community - the readers and subscribers.

If you're expecting us to pay to subscribe, you need to work for it.

Phil Tripp

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Ten drivers to grow our way out

THE Commonwealth has released their Economic and Fiscal Update which reaffirmed Australia is in recession, with unemployment expected to spike at 9.25 per cent and the budget deficit forecast to be the worst since World War II.

Businesses have had to make enormous sacrifices to keep all of us safe, during this global health crisis. Unfortunately, this has come at great costs, with many businesses having to close their doors or lay-off staff.

The economic crisis is significant. A recent Business NSW survey showed on average, business revenue has fallen by 43 per cent since the pandemic started.

Business NSW Regional Manager, Mid North Coast, Kellon Beard.
Business NSW Regional Manager, Mid North Coast, Kellon Beard.

Without JobKeeper, many businesses would be unable to maintain operations in their current form. Half of the respondents indicated they would be unable to maintain current hours and headcount when payments stop.

Business NSW has recently published the Back on Track Report, which identifies the Recovery Drivers aimed at ensuring that businesses stay open, staff are rehired and that the foundations for future economic growth are set in place. Our 10 drivers are:

1.Governments should boost confidence by signing a compact to return the unemployment rate to below 6 per cent.

2.Think beyond 'step three,' outlining when or how the remaining restrictions will be lifted.

3.Establish a Youth Jobs Guarantee, which keeps our youth learning or earning.

4.Implement the recently announced JobKeeper 2.0.

5.Remove barriers for investment, growth and employment through regulatory reform.

6.Provide affordable, reliable energy by expanding the energy supply market and removing unnecessary costs on business.

7.Fix the Federation, with State and Federal Governments working together to deliver better government and improvements in key areas such as tax.

8.Solve payroll tax in partnership with the Commonwealth, to ensure payroll tax does not deter employers from hiring staff.

9.Improve workplace relations which cuts red tape, creates jobs and boosts living standards through improved productivity.

10.Build a seamless state economy by better connecting regional NSW and deepen labour markets.

Now more than ever our political leaders need to work together to get our economy back on track.

Business NSW Regional Manager,

Kellon Beard