GET ON BOARD: Dan Evans, from Cycle Zone Mooloolaba, says cycling does not have to be a risky sport.
GET ON BOARD: Dan Evans, from Cycle Zone Mooloolaba, says cycling does not have to be a risky sport. Iain Curry

Risk to PM's life no reason to stop say lycra leaders

CONCERNS by the Prime Minister's retiring doctor about the safety of Tony Abbott during his cycling sessions are not shared by the Sunshine Coast's Lycra leaders.

Doctor Graeme Killer has been reported as saying he was worried Mr Abbott will come off his bike during one of his early morning training rides.

Damien Jones, a spokesman for the Suncoast Cycling Alliance, said it was difficult to imagine the PM getting into difficulty on his bike with security around him.

He was not too worried should the PM take a big tumble.

"The country would function perfectly well without him," he said.

"Mr Abbott is not indispensable. This is ridiculous."

Mr Jones said it was not unusual for cyclists to get hurt, but there were few pastimes that did not carry some sort of risk.

"Life is risky. It's a metaphor for life," he said.

Does Tony Abbott owe it to the country to quit cycling while he's PM?

This poll ended on 03 January 2016.

Current Results

Yes. His hobbies take back seat to national matters.


Yes. He should probably find something less dangerous.


No. He's still allowed to make his own choices regardless of risks.


No. What a ridiculous suggestion. Lycra for life!


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Craig King of the Sunshine Coast Cycling Club, said cycling was a low impact, weight-bearing exercise in the fresh air.

He said it was far healthier for people than sitting at home safe on the couch.

"The way you ride, the places where you ride and how you're attitude is when you're out there certainly influence how safe it is or not," he said.

"We on the Sunshine Coast have some very safe roads to go out on."

Mr King said people needed to take risks and be active.

"We have come to a world where it's 'don't play on the monkey bars or you might hurt yourself'," he said.

"Life skills are not developing as well. You learn balance and strength and co-ordination from doing things."

Other ways the PM could do himself an injury

  • Budgie smuggler rash
  • Hit by a flying iron
  • Tripping on the clangers he drops
  • Burnt by a Bill Shorten zinger
  • Deprivation of oxygen (with head in the sand on climate change)
  • Shirtfronted by Vladimir Putin