A coastal taipan.
A coastal taipan.

Keep away from snakes in mating season

NEVER come between a man and his woman, especially when they are doing their "business".

That analogy also applies when they are coastal taipans.

That was the word of warning from Jenny Cameron, from Reptrix Reptiles in Rockhampton, when she spoke to The Morning Bulletin about the dangers of coastal taipans.

She said they weren't aggressive snakes but were easily frightened, and would attack if they were scared suddenly.

The coastal taipan was still considered one of Australia's most deadly snakes, although the species had less of a venom count, based on the median lethal dose, than the eastern brown snake.

Jenny also gave tips on what not to do, when residents spot a coastal taipan.

"Do not kill it; that is the last thing you should do... call in a professional snake remover to get rid of it for you," she said.

"Coastal taipans have a tendency to attack, especially if it's a male and you come between it and a female. It thinks you are a threat and will strike."

She also said the worst time to "deal" with snakes on your property was while they were mating.

Although they are deadly, the coastal taipan is considered the third most venomous snake in Australia.

The most venomous snake in Australia, and the world, is the inland taipan.