Federal MP Bob Katter could hang up his Akubra.
Federal MP Bob Katter could hang up his Akubra. Dan Peled

Katter considers Akubra boycott after overseas fur shift

QUEENSLAND MP Bob Katter is considering ditching his famous hat in protest over Akubra's decision to import European rabbit fur to make its iconic hats.

The hat maker announced this week it would start importing skins to make its popular broad-brimmed hat, saying it had become too expensive to use local products.

The company also announced the closure of its rabbit fur processing plant at Kempsey on the New South Wales Mid North Coast.

Mr Katter told ABC on Thursday that he was "hopping mad" over the decision.

"In all seriousness I will consider my options," he said.

"It does not set a good example and it does not set me with a desire to continue to wear an Akubra hat, and that would be something that would be shared with so many other people."