Justine Elliot says the Nationals have sold out by supporting CSG
Justine Elliot says the Nationals have sold out by supporting CSG

Justine Elliot accuses Nationals of CSG sellout

RICHMOND MP Justine Elliot has slammed shadow minister for regional development Barnaby Joyce and National's candidate in Richmond, Matthew Fraser, for "selling out locals by supporting harmful coal seam gas mining."

Mr Joyce visited the Tweed last week to meet with Mr Fraser and attend a Young Nationals Conference.

On ABC's Lateline on April 4, Mr Joyce said he would not support a complete moratorium on the industry.

He iterated this in the local media yesterday, saying CSG was a "hot button issue for the upcoming election."

"Barnaby's confession proves that Matthew Fraser's plan is to expand harmful coal seam gas mining and fracking in our area," Mrs Elliot said.

"It's no surprise that Matthew Fraser had Barnaby Joyce campaigning for him as they both are strong supporters of the CSG industry.

"This shows that we can't risk the National Party and their pro-CSG drilling, fracking and expansion agenda," Mrs Elliot said.

Mr Joyce said he didn't support a complete moratorium on the industry because of "a place like Gladstone where tens of billions of dollars of capital investment would be at risk."

He said there were "the bad areas where coal seam gas should never have been, but also the areas where it is an applicable industry."

"I think you should go to the areas where it should be and allow it to go forward and the areas where it shouldn't be and stop it there," he said on Lateline.

"And you say 'where shouldn't it be?'

"I've said it, I'll say it for the third time, prime agriculture land, where it destroys aquifers, where it's next to residential areas, and farmer should get, and landholders should get a fair return."