IN STEVE’S FOOTSTEPS: Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin have a new television series.
IN STEVE’S FOOTSTEPS: Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin have a new television series. Russell Shakespeare

Just wild about life

SIX years on from Steve Irwin's death, Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin are picking up from where the Crocodile Hunter hero left off.

Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors, airing on Channel 10 tomorrow night, is a behind-the-scenes look at Australia Zoo, the 24/7 wildlife hospital in Beerwah, rescue unit and conservation projects from Cape York to Tasmania.

"We get to see things that are behind the scenes and meet the people. You forget it's not just a few Irwins running around. There are people here who have dedicated their lives to wildlife," Terri said.

The show also features some footage of Steve.

"There are some flashback moments, there is vision of Steve as well so you may see the same crocodile with Steve and then with Bindi. That marrying up of what was then and what is now I think is incredibly special," Terri said.

The Irwins started filming the 26-episode show in June and will wrap up in November.

Terri said it was a project she and Steve intended to get off the ground before he died. "I wish with all my heart Steve was here doing it, but it's just a blast being together as a family filming," she said.

"It's that real bonding of working together and doing what you love. We just live and breathe working with wildlife and being able to do that as a family is so special.

"Not all families have the opportunity to back each other up in life or death situations, for example when we're moving crocodiles if Robert doesn't get the legs up and if Bindi doesn't jump the head right, we don't back each other up we'll come unglued."

Terri said filming was bitter-sweet, watching Bindi and Robert come into their own without Steve.

"Where Robert's feeding the freshwater crocodiles for the first time or Bindy jumping on the head of the saltwater crocodile, the biggest crocodile she's ever been able to do that with, I really wish he was there for those landmarks. But in some way you do just feel his presence," she said.

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