WHISPERS: Gossip and funny stories from around Toowoomba and beyond.
WHISPERS: Gossip and funny stories from around Toowoomba and beyond.

Journo’s cricket tweet hits Twitterati for six

FORMER Toowoomba journo had a run in with Twitter this week when he had his account “locked”.

His crime? Using an Aussie cricketing term that obviously the American Twitterati don’t understand and take to mean something rather sinister.

Our man was responding to a “tweet” from cricketing legend Shane Warne who asked on the final day of the Gabba test “What do you think the score will be at stumps?”

Our man put his two bobs worth in with (quote): “@ShaneWarne If India don’t lose a wicket this session, they will go the tonk after tea and win the match”.

Suddenly Twitter responded, advising our man that his account had been locked because of his “violating our rules against hateful conduct”.

Obviously, “go the tonk” has a different meaning in the land of the Yank.


A CITY office worker has been feuding with his wife for the past six months over her inappropriate relationship with a family of possums.

The husband hates the critters, likening them to mite-infested tree-rats that delight in devouring his potted plants.

But the wife can’t get past their fluffy tails and bulbous eyes.

Much to the husband’s disgust, the wife has been feeding kitchen scraps to the possums, claiming her offerings would satisfy their hunger.

But the opposite is turn with the critters taking the food as an open invitation to settle in the kitchen!

The couple’s argument continues, but initial reports indicate the wife has won.


THE fashion preference of those attending Toowoomba’s courts was obvious this week.

Moving between courts for various hearings, prosecutors, lawyers and media reporters often leave personal items behind in one court or another.

This week a police prosecutor happened to leave his umbrella in one court while a scribe had left his trusty fedora in another court, both items left in the Hume Street courthouse overnight.

The next morning, the police prosecutor’s brollie was nowhere to be seen while the journo’s fedora was left sitting on the bench where it had been left.

“Well, it was raining and not that sunny,” the scribe said in defence of the popularity of his hat.

Originally published as Journo’s cricket tweet hits Twitterati for six