Former Australian cricketer Dean Jones.
Former Australian cricketer Dean Jones. Mark Tantrum

Jones says MCC committee 'hypocritical' over bat sizes

CRICKET: "Get over it.”

That's the message from former Australian batsman Dean Jones to the MCC world cricket committee, which is proposing a limit on bat sizes.

The 11-member committee, which includes former Australian captain Ricky Ponting as well as Brendon McCullum, Kumar Sangakkara and Sourav Ganguly, has proposed a bat size limit of 40mm for the edge of the bat and 67mm for the spine.

"I just find it just a tad hypocritical from batsman who have already played the game, and they were also using the big bats,” Jones told SEN radio.

"Honestly boys, get over it.”

Jones said there were other reasons for the apparent dominance of batsmen in the modern game.

"I honestly believe that the standard of bowling around the world has remarkably reduced over the years,” he said.

"How many guys really touch 150 now? You've got (Australian) Mitchell Starc and maybe (South Africa's Kagiso) Rabada getting close to it.

"They don't talk about the pitches. The pitches are better now than they've ever been, particularly in one-day cricket.

"Of course you're going to get massive scores.”

But Ponting said the planned limits on bats came after two years of careful consideration.

"What we are really conscious of as well is that we don't want to take the game back to the '50s or '60s. We are just worried about where it was going to go,” he said.