John Arkan.
John Arkan.

Vote for me: John Arkan-Liberal

"Can do?'' Yes ARKAN.

I'm running for mayor because I care about my local community. I believe I can make a difference with the backing of the Liberal Party because of the structure and strength behind one of the major political parties.

"Cost benefit analysis" has to be the corner stone of how we act as councillors while managing rate- payer funds. At what cost do we get the maximum benefit for our constituents?

Save $50k on mayor's car: I pledge to save $50,000 if elected as mayor on the first day of my term. I won't waste ratepayers money to have an expensive car for the mayor.

Jetty foreshores precinct: I say let's get moving with the job and develop it to a standard acceptable to all. Also, investigate its full potential as a working harbour.

Seek funding for library, performing arts and gallery: We deserve a new library, a performing arts centre and a gallery. Our youth need recreational facilities. Let's build the places where we can celebrate community. I will continue to lobby for these essentials.

Review council's investment policy: I will ensure a review of investments is taken to limit the risk and build our wealth. This will help build better roads, infrastructure and services. I will bring a level of common sense and respect for ratepayers finances in these times of global uncertainty.

Support business and employment opportunities: Small businesses have to be nurtured. They will provide employment and growth. A strong regional approach to government and building partnerships will go a long way to strengthening our local money-making ventures.

Also our land fill is quickly running out and we need to find sustainable alternatives that won't be a further impost on ratepayers.