Jobs to support small business growth

7th April 2017 4:00 AM
CHESS CEO Paul Kelly and Headspace Coffs Harbour manager Shelley Rowe say they can get youth mental health service Headspace up and running in Grafton ahead of schedule. CHESS CEO Paul Kelly and Headspace Coffs Harbour manager Shelley Rowe have teamed with the NSW Business Chamber to tackle rising youth unemployment on the Coffs Coast. Tim Howard

WITH youth unemployment rates on the rise and a nationwide apprenticeship shortage hurting small business, local organisation CHESS Employment have launched a campaign to support employers in the region.

As part of their Jobs Change Lives campaign, CHESS have aligned with the NSW Business Chamber to help strengthen small business and raise awareness of regional issues.

Local business owners have a unique opportunity to access free recruitment services and possible wage subsidies in addition to three free industrial relation advice phone calls with the NSW Chamber of Commerce.

"We've put together a campaign that works on many levels,” CEO Paul Kelly said.

"We're providing an incentive for action that puts the power in the hands of local businesses, both small and large, not only to help the community, but to help the growth of their business.

"We are reaching out to local employers to take advantage of our professional employment services. Business growth is a flow on result of effective recruitment. With the right team to support them, employers have the time and ability to develop the key strategic tasks that lead to the expansion of their business."

As part of the community initiative of the Jobs Change Lives campaign, CHESS will also be donating $500 to Headspace for every job secured by one of its candidates.

Paul said the campaign evolved out of growing concerns within the community about the wellbeing of young people in the area.

"Access to employment in regional areas can be a concern for today's young people. Poor opportunities for fulfilling work can have a spiralling effect on motivation and self esteem," he said.

"We hope to raise awareness of these issues and contribute to the community in a meaningful and practical way.

The Jobs Change Lives campaign will continue through Easter and into the month of May.

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