Jetty thumbs up

ADVOCATE readers have given the concept of a revamp of the stretch of foreshores between the Yacht Club and our historic Jetty a resounding thumbs up.

Our online poll at the weekend attracted 142 votes - and 77% of them were in favour of our concept of a boardwalk running along the dunes.

The idea our brains trust came up with also promoted the removal of trees and vegetation to improve views for people entering via the railway crossing, and the addition of shelters, picnic facilities, maritime-themed sculptures and a children's play area.

The Advocate team also believes improving the road and pedestrian access via better road sealing and walkway landscaping would really lift the area's appeal.

Rosemary Coote was among those to support the idea.

"It's great to see a group has got together to propose ideas for an upgrade at the Jetty fore- shores. This is such an old and tired looking area that really needs some rejuvenation done to it to make it useable and open."

Annette wrote: "It could be a family-friendly area with viewing platforms, restaurants, cafes, skate parks, etc, without high-rise apartments and with some lovely vegetation which will surely keep most people happy."

Online readers were also mainly supportive. Sunnyside: "Congratulations to the team from the Advocate, you have shown the leadership that to date this town has lacked. All we need now is a council with similar leadership."

One in five voters in our poll were against the concept.