The St Helena Tunnel.
The St Helena Tunnel. Contributed

It's time for tunnel vision Coffs Harbour

THE Coffs Bypass Action Group, a collective formed by concerned residents, is urging locals to send in their submissions to both the Roads and Maritime Services and relevant politicians and ministers by November 30.

"The RMS has used a lack of submissions as an excuse to put this bypass where many people don't want it," Group Chairman, Brian Polack said.

"We need everyone to put forward their views in writing to ensure it is abundantly clear that the people of Coffs Harbour are not happy with cuttings."

Retired Rear Admiral, Graham Stubingtom, AM, spokesperson for the group says there is a collective call from members for the RMS to reintroduce tunnels on the project instead of landbridges.

Two land bridge options are proposed for the Coffs Harbour Bypass and one cutting.
Two land bridge options are proposed for the Coffs Harbour Bypass and one cutting. .

"We are insisting that as a minimum the tunnels at Roberts Hill, Shephards Lane and Gatelys Road be returned to the plan and we want to incorporate noise and pollution considerations such as the very best road surfaces to ensure the best possible outcome for residents and visitors alike," he said.

The group says it has developed a website that includes many examples of submissions and contact details for the RMS and other relevant parties.

It is still in development but already includes many links about noise and your health and discussion points on alternative plans.

READY, SET, GO: Preparing for blasting at St Helena for the tunnel and, inset, the actual explosion.
Blasting on the Pacific Highway St Helena tunnel.

"Please. We need everyone to put in a submission. Complaining to each other will not fix this," member Graham Stubington said.

"We have put everything together to help you send in a submission and now we need the people of Coffs Harbour and their friends and relatives who love this town, to speak up by the 30th."

The group can be contacted via its website.

Its Facebook page or by email