Mum overwhelmed by kindness of strangers

Stevie Little with her daughter Imogen Sternsdorf.
Stevie Little with her daughter Imogen Sternsdorf. Contributed

IT STARTED with a forgotten swimming bag . . .

An unexpected response to a humble request has restored a Toowoomba mother's faith in the goodness of the people around her.

Stevie Little, 25, sent out the call to Toowoomba Facebook pages, asking if anyone could take her daughter's swimming bag to her school before lessons started.

"Please help. I desperately need somebody to pick up my daughter's swimming bag from our home in Wilsonton Heights, to take it to her at Newtown School before 11am," she wrote.

"She's 6 and doesn't understand that I have no way to get there by that time, I can't drive and I'm too unwell to sit on public transport for two hours I will pay $10 for your trouble. Please?''

Ms Little said she hadn't wanted her daughter Imogen to be the only child to miss out on swimming and decided to ask the community for help.

She was overwhelmed by the immediate outpouring of generosity with at least 20 people putting up their hands to help.

A good samaritan from Darling Heights who she didn't wish to be named, drove her to her daughter's school where they delivered the swimming bag before returning to her Wilsonton Height's home.

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She wrote to The Chronicle saying she wanted to publicly thank all members of the community who had so willingly volunteered their time.

The unanticipated response was also the impetus for Ms Little to start a gofundme campaign in which she describes a lifetime of living with mental illness including bipolar disorder, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder and mild agoraphobia.

In her online pay-it-forward campaign Help us Move on From Mental Illness she asks for help for getting her and her daughter back on their feet by helping her buy a car.

"My daughter has vouched to draw a picture for every person that donates to help us move forward and achieve a happy life," she said.

"I, too, plan to repay you all, by paying it forward when I am on my feet. And with the donation, a request they do the same once they too are in a better position."

To help, head to the Go Fund Me website