Study: Men and Aborigines in regional areas die sooner

IT SEEMS that even in death we are not equal. If you are male or Indigenous and living in Australia's remote areas then you are likely to die sooner than your counterparts in major cities.

A study examining the mortality inequality rates in Australia found that there exists in this country significant inequalities when it comes to dying early or from potentially avoidable causes.

The death rate for males is 1.5 times that of females while the rate among indigenous Australians was twice that of non-Indigenous members of our society.

It was particularly troubling among indigenous people aged 35-44 years where the rate was five times as high.

People living in remote and very remote areas were almost twice as likely to die before people in cities with higher rates of death due to diabetes (3 times as high) and land transport accidents (4.7 times as high).

"For people living in areas of lowest socioeconomic status, the death rate was 1.3 times as high as for those living in areas of the highest socioeconomic status, with death rates from diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease notably higher, at 1.8 times as high and 1.7 times as high, respectively," said Louise York, spokesperson for the statistics company that conducted the testing.