TRUCKIES have come to the defence of one of their own after what looks like a reversing fail.

A man has posted a video to the Dash Cam Owners Australia page, the post read "M4 west bound at Caltex servos he couldn't back out so jumped he curb and got stuck."

Back in February a truckie was slammed on social media after stopping before the Sydney airport tunnel and then not being able to reverse or unhook his trailers.

The video which has had 511,000 views, doesn't actually show the B-double reversing.

Instead the man films the position of the trailers.

The driver then jumps out of the cab and questions why he is being filmed.

The reply: "why can't you drive?" and "because it's funny".

Truckies on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page don't think it's necessarily a fail.

Marshall Watego says he didn't "see him as stuck".

"The wanna be trucker should learn some manners drop the phone and give him room. Thats what real operator's do."

Kev Cameron said no matter what the man's nationality "u help the bloke out!!"

"So much s**t canning in the industry.. doesn't matter how many years you've drivin B-doubles they are a challenge to most of us."

However Gavin Wilson said you can see timber under the drive wheel as it's sitting on the curb.

You be the judge...