SOAP BOX: If economy is a business, then who is accountable?

IF I had a dollar for every time I heard a politician say the national economy had to be run like a business, I'd be as well off as a politician.

Maybe not as well off as our Prime Minister but probably getting close to it.

So if our nation has to be run like a business, why aren't our politicians as accountable as, say, a company director?

It seems a bit weird that an elected executive government can stuff things up then simply walk away from the mess when it gets kicked out by the voters, but if a private sector executive causes a financial train wreck, they can go to jail.

What's more, they can go to jail many years after the fact.

But many years after being in government, our MPs can very happily keep travelling at the taxpayers' expense - even if they caused those very same taxpayers to hock their TVs and jewellery because the bailiffs knocked on their door during an economic downturn caused by the government.

Take now-retired MP Bronwyn Bishop for example. Yes, take her anywhere you want but you won't have to pay because despite losing her job for flying to a function and charging the public purse, she now gets free air trav

el for the rest of her life.

Huh? Am I missing something here or is this simply ridiculous?

And then you have ex-PMs, of which there seems to be plenty these days, who not only get free air travel once they leave politics but also a free office - even though they no longer work for us. It's free to them but costly to thenation.

Yep, our MPs tell us they have to run the country like a profitable company. It's easy to see why they are in politics and not in business.