Palmer's resort sits idle while in court over mine royalties

CLIVE Palmer's Coolum Resort has offered redundancies to the 200 remaining staff of the 600 employed when he wrested control from managers of the Hyatt group in 2012.

It is understood that about 80 staff have accepted the offer, mostly part-time restaurant workers.

Sources say the resort has been running at single-digit occupancy and most of its five restaurants were idle.

Mr Palmer, the Member for the seat of Fairfax in which the resort sits, has been locked in court this week with Chinese company Citic in a battle over the royalties he is to be paid from a Western Australian mining lease.

He said on Wednesday night he believed he had secured some victories on that front.

Mr Palmer fired a tweet at Campbell Newman claiming that the Premier's constant attacks on Palmer's Queensland mining interest, North Queensland Nickel, and his criticism of his plans for Coolum, would have ramifications.

However, the lack of demand appears to be behind the move to, if not mothball it, at least put the resort in hibernation.

The resort has opened day-visit attractions with its dinosaur display and vintage car museum to maintain resort revenues.

It is understood the resort will stay at its now-downsized staff levels ahead of a major refurbishment or redevelopment in the future. The speed with which that occurs may be determined by whether or not the current court action against Citic tips the royalty split in Palmer's favour.