ICAC probes grants

BILLIONS of government dollars are being sent to humanitarian organisations in NSW with little follow-up, according to the state's corruption watchdog.

More than 2000 non-government organisations request support to provide human services to the disadvantaged every year.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption has released a consultation paper calling for comment from the community and politicians about whether a more stringent vetting process is needed.

The findings will be used to make recommendations to the State Government later this year.

According to the paper, "Such large sums of money spent across so many agreements by so many agencies presents a formidable test of any control system".

The ICAC also noted that while the majority of organisations did the right thing, there were "those that see government money as opportunity for self-interested behaviour".

The consultation paper can be downloaded from the ICAC website at www.icac.nsw.gov.au.

Written submissions will be accepted until 5pm, Friday, October 5.