"I was shaken and stunned that the driver wouldn't stop"

A MOTHER'S instinct has potentially saved her son from being pinned between two vehicles as a reversing driver failed to stop in a busy carpark.

Jodie Tangikara was loading groceries into the family vehicle with the help of her son and husband at the Woolworths carpark in Urangan when an elderly driver reversed and "clipped" her son on the back.

Jodie said that as she spun around she saw what was happening and pulled him towards her, yelling "stop".

The mother of five said the driver continued to reverse and missed her vehicle by only centimetres.

"I was shaken and stunned that the driver wouldn't stop," she said.

Jodie said her husband had his back turned when the incident happened but a witness saw it unfold.

"He (the driver) was oblivious to the whole thing...I'm just thankful the driver wasn't reversing at speed," she said.

In a post Jodie put on social media, witness Christine Wilkinson said the driver didn't look or acknowledge what was happening.

"I was witness to this incident...didn't look or acknowledge...time to take licence away," she said.

While no one managed to record the number plate, Jodie said they were hoping for CCTV footage from a nearby business.

"The state of mind I was in was to just get my son away, I didn't think to get his number plate," she said.

Jodie said her son was wearing a bright yellow shirt at the time of the incident.

The concerned mum said it was a message for others to keep a close eye on their children while in car parks.

"It's the last time my kids will be helping out with groceries, they will go straight in the car," she said.

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