Tanya Bradshaw.
Tanya Bradshaw.

"I knew this day would come"

FORMER Bundaberg photographer Tanya Bradshaw said she was “overwhelmed” to hear her friend had been released.

Ms Bradshaw, who worked alongside Nigel for 12 months at the NewsMail, said she had waited a long time for news of his release and had been in regular contact with family friend Bec Hutchins.

But she said she always had a feeling he would come home.

“I’m so excited. I’ve been trying to imagine when this day would be. I’m hoping to come up there soon and see him,” she said.

“I remember I was on the Sunshine Coast when I found out about his kidnapping and I was devastated, but in my mind I just thought no matter how long it takes, I knew he would be coming home.”

Ms Bradshaw said Nigel was inspiring to work with.

“He’s an amazing person — very courageous, very driven, very giving,” she said.

“The whole basis of his photography was to bring a story back to the world, of refugees, of people displaced. He was bringing a message back to people.”