Childcare workers notified police after they noticed a two-year-old girl was covered in bruises. PHOTO: File
Childcare workers notified police after they noticed a two-year-old girl was covered in bruises. PHOTO: File

‘I flogged her’: Dad’s disgusting attack on toddler

A TODDLER girl, unable to speak up or defend herself, was left covered in bruises after her father figure's "despicable" attack.

"I flogged her", the man then wrote in a callous text to his de facto partner, who was his two-year-old victim's mother.

Maroochydore Magistrates Court heard distressing details of the girl's injuries after the 35-year-old Yandina man pleaded guilty to assaults occasioning bodily harm - domestic violence offence.

He cannot be identified in order to protect his child victim.

Police prosecutor Jeanette Grigoris told the court on April 24, daycare staff noticed the girl was covered in bruises and called the family and authorities.

Photographs before court showed the girl's neck was bruised and scratched, she had 10 bruises on her legs, two on her buttocks, six in a line at the base of her back, marks on her face and a "question-mark-shaped cut".

When questioned by police, the man denied he caused the injuries and suggested they happened during a "fall".

The court heard he admitted he had smacked the girl days earlier, and put her in the yard, in the dark because she had "spat food out".

Sgt Grigoris said the man "targeted" the girl and claimed she had behaviour issues, and assaulted her repeatedly between April 18 to 25.

The girl could not tell police the details of the attack, but Sgt Grigoris said the bruises could not have been inflicted with one "hit, kick or punch".

She said the defendant had shown no rehabilitation or remorse since he was jailed.

Magistrate Graham Hillan said the man had abused his position of trust, and that the injuries were "despicable".

He said the child could not defend herself or talk, and therefore not complain.

Members of the gallery became emotional as the man was sentenced to 18 months' jail, suspended after six months and operational for three years.

One woman remarked, "f--king putrid grub".

Defence lawyer Ben Rynderman said the man's actions were "excessive domestic discipline", and fell into a different category than "malicious" attacks.

He told the court his client had only ever been convicted of public nuisance in 2011 and came from a "supportive" and peaceful upbringing.

Mr Rynderman said the man had been involved with management at a homeless support centre, and planned to work as a cabinet-maker upon release from prison.

As a type-one diabetic, Mr Rynderman submitted his client's time in custody was more onerous than the average person.