STRENGTH: Bowel cancer patient Talya Goding with her mum, Tiana Hudson.
STRENGTH: Bowel cancer patient Talya Goding with her mum, Tiana Hudson. Claudia Jambor

Husband’s wish of a sanctuary for his terminally ill wife

CHANGING her stoma up to 10 times a day, bowel cancer patient Talya Goding said having her own garden sanctuary at home would change her life.

Her husband, Russell Goding began the Garden for Talya fund, a Gofundme page, last Thursday to help raise money to fulfil the wish of his dying wife.

Since then, more than $3000 has been raised for the garden which they hope to start in September when they move into their new house.

Mr Goding is humbled the community has thrown its support behind them to enable his wife a 'comfortable run at what are possibly her last years'.

"She is my everything and with this garden I can carry on a piece of her in the little space she called 'hers'," Mr Goding said.

Bed ridden most days, Mrs Goding said the garden will provide a tranquil space to enjoy the outdoors.

"I'm just looking forward to being able to go and sit outside and just get out of the house and just have somewhere private," Mrs Goding said.


Following her diagnosis with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis, - a genetic disorder characterised by bowel cancer - Mrs Goding started her the Feeling Ostomistic blog after struggling to find information for young people living similar disease.

"I kept being told you can live a normal life but all of the brochures and everything were tailored to older people," Mrs Goding said.

The blog offers advice based on Mrs Goding's own experience from tips to prepare for surgeries to her intimate accounts of chemotherapy treatments.

"It sucks being this is the road I'm on and I'm making the most of the opportunities that present themselves. And if I can help people along the way then I want to do that," she said.

One of ten siblings, Mrs Goding's family history with the rare cancer is tragically extensive.

Her father passed away from FAP in 2012 and her one-year-old sister died from the disease 17 years ago.

Mrs Goding also has two sisters, aged 13 and 14, who have the FAP gene .

For Mrs Goding's mum, Tiana Hudson it has been a tough road but she is thankful for her 'very strong family network'.

"The way my kids are with each other is absolutely wonderful and it makes me proud as a mother to see them support each other." she said.