End the Ripple Effect. News Limited and the Chronicle work to raise awareness of party drug dangers.
End the Ripple Effect. News Limited and the Chronicle work to raise awareness of party drug dangers.

How you can help end party drug deaths

UNLIKE in cases of theft, assault and fraud, the victims of drug crime are unlikely to report offences.

That is why Toowoomba Police rely on public information to investigate and shutdown drug networks.

Darling Downs Detective Acting Inspector Paul McCusker wants the public to be vigilant and report individuals they suspect are involved in the producing and distributing dangerous party drugs.

"We can only locate the drugs we know about and we act on information from the public," he said.

"It would be naive of us to think that people are not involved in the manufacture and sale of the dangerous drugs."

The call comes during The Ripple Effect, a special multimedia report into the world of illicit drugs and the impact on all of those who come into contact with them.

Insp McCusker said Toowoomba police were focused on disrupting criminal drug networks.

"We run a number of surveillance operations with respect to people dealing in dangerous drugs and people who are bringing dangerous drugs to this region," he said.

"We will continue those operations."

While big drug seizures look good in the media, Insp McCusker said he was motivated by longer-term gains.

Toowoomba Detective Acting Inspector Paul McCusker.
Toowoomba Detective Acting Inspector Paul McCusker.

"You cannot gauge the success of drug operation by the amount seized," he said

"In a regional community the seizure of a several pounds of cannabis maybe considered large-scale because of the effect that amount would have on the community.

"But it is not the amount of drugs you seize that matters, it more about the disruption of groups or the syndicates that supply dangerous drugs."

Insp McCusker said arrests prevented future drug distribution and limited the next generation's exposure to harmful substances.

"We encourage members of our community to report suspicious activity so we can be better informed of the who is involved," he said.

If you know something that could help Toowoomba police phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or phone Policelink on 131 444.