TOM Panos is regarded as one of Australia's leading experts and influencers on real estate and The Coffs Coast Advocate had an exclusive audience with the guru to get his take on all things property.

Mr Panos was the special host of a recent workshop put on by The Coffs Coast Advocate for local agents to share his secrets to selling and marketing.

He spoke of the importance of video and social media marketing in today's sales environment, but stressed that agents must also have a strong position in print advertising.

"Dominate print, online and social advertising. Be so good it's hard to ignore you," he said.

But here at the Advocate, we wanted an inside world from the industry leader on how consumers can make the most of their real estate experience.

Watch the video now to get Mr Panos' advice on how you should choose a real estate agent to sell your home.

Come back next week for the second instalment of our exclusive series with Tom Panos.