YOU may not think about it much but your actions on the road affect more than just yourself.

If you put yourself at risk by drink-driving or speeding, think of how your family, friends and those nearest to you will respond when they are told you were seriously injured - or worse - in a crash.

Beyond that, think of the emergency services and first responders who treat you at the scene of the crash.

Then, in the worst-case scenario, there are the funeral directors who witness the pain and grief of the family.


choose your ride, campaign drink driver options.. 27 July 2017
Keith Logue and Sons' funeral director Ashley Logue said words cannot describe what it is like to bury a driver killed on the road. Trevor Veale

Keith Logue and Sons funeral directors Debbie and Ashley Logue said the emotions they felt when seeing that was hard to put into words.

Mr Logue said it simply wasn't worth drink-driving or speeding.

While Ms Logue, remembering one distraught mother of a victim killed on the road, said it was "all emotion".

"It affects so many people," she said.

It was revealed earlier this month that Coffs Harbour had the second-highest rate of drink-drivers charged and eighth-highest number of speeding offences in New South Wales.

In the last financial year, police laid 176 drink-driving charges in Coffs.


Highway  supervisor Sgt. Jarrod Langan,  snr const. Mark Whittaker .
Coffs Harbour Highway Patrol's Sergeant Jarrod Langan and Senior Constable Mark Whittaker are angered by the high rate of drink-driving and speeding on the Coffs Coast. Trevor Veale

But Coffs Harbour Highway Patrol Sergeant Jarrod Langan said those statistics only counted charges processed at Coffs Harbour Police Station.

Sgt Langan said the true figure of charges processed at stations around the Local Government Area were high enough to claim the highest drink-driving rate in the state.

Even more concerning was the number of drivers who had not yet been caught.

Sgt Langan said there simply was no need to drink and drive.

An example he raised was a man who decided to drive home from the Amble Inn, a distance of about 250m.

The Corindi man was charged with mid-range PCA, had his licence suspended and was fined.

Beyond the licence suspension and hefty fine for drink-driving, Sgt Langan said there were further "life-changing consequences".

"Some insurers may choose not to insure you," he said.

Sgt Langan said insurance policies would also cost greatly more.

He said drink-driving amplified the chance of you having a crash.

"You might feel like you're okay to drive but that's a misconception," he said.

Alcohol, a depressant, is scientifically proven to slow your brain.


choose your ride, campaign drink driver options.. 27 July 2017
Coffs Harbour paramedic Craig Wallace said it was frustrating treating drivers who had been drink-driving and speeding. Trevor Veale

Coffs Harbour paramedic Craig Wallace said it was emotionally taxing being called to crashes involving drink-driving and speeding.

"It's frustrating and it's disappointing," he said.

Mr Wallace said Coffs Harbour was spread out and people wanting to travel from pub to pub often drove.

Yes, Coffs Harbour is a regional city but we have plenty of options to get to the next venue or home without getting behind the wheel.


choose your ride, campaign drink driver options.. 27 July 2017
With taxis, courtesy buses and ride-sharing company Go Buggy available there is no excuse to be drink-driving on the Coffs Coast. Trevor Veale

Coffs Harbour Taxis managing director Sebastian Livolsi highlighted taxis, courtesy buses and ride-share company Go Buggy.

"Do you know how easy it is to catch a cab?" Mr Livolsi asked while motioning how simple it was to hail a taxi by raising his hand.

"You've got about 30 cabs in town, so what's the problem?"

Most pubs, clubs and hotels on the Coffs Coast offer a courtesy bus service.

To find out more about these free services, inquire within your local.