How to stop your dog from jumping

6th December 2017 7:30 AM
Kyra Ensbey and her dog Chilli from Bright Bessy dog training. Kyra Ensbey and her dog Chilli from Bright Bessy dog training. Rachel Vercoe

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QUESTION: My one-year-old staffy keeps jumping on people, especially at the front door but will also jump when we are out and about.

I have tried to push her down when she does it and yell 'No', but it seems to make her worse.

I have been told to knee her in the chest as she jumps.

Is this correct?

- John Black

Answer: Firstly, don't ever knee your dog, you can really injure her by doing this. This is also teaching your dog not to do something through fear of discomfort, which is a cruel method of training.

By pushing your dog down and yelling at her, you are giving her exactly what she wants, attention.

You are also making it a lovely game which will wind her up even more.

Don't give your dog anything when she jumps up, no voice, hands or eyes.

The second her four feet are back on the ground, praise her.

Dogs are opportunistic and will do whatever gives them the most pay.

When you are out, ask everyone not to pat your dog when she jumps up.

Teach her to sit before greeting a human, for which she should be rewarded.

When you greet a visitor at your front door, have your dog on a lead and get her to sit when you welcome them.

By doing this your dog will learn that only calm behaviour is acceptable at the front door.

- Kyra Ensbey from Bright Bessy Dog Training

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