Set your day up right with a quality bed, mattress and bedding.
Set your day up right with a quality bed, mattress and bedding. iStock

How to make your bed and sleep in it

Possibly the most consequential piece of furniture you own is your bed.

Your health and wellbeing can be impacted by the choice and quality of that piece of furniture. You know you're an adult when you invest in a quality bed and in quality bed linen.

A mattress that suits you can have a huge impact on the quality of your rest. My suggestion is to research as much as you can and to physically try the mattress in store where possible.

Bed frames are now increasingly stylish, most notably upholstered for both attractiveness and comfort. The quality and price varies greatly, but it's far easier to find the exact match for your taste and budget.

The next component to ensure the dreamiest of sleeps is bed linen. Regardless of your preference, always choose natural fibres as they 'breathe' and are vastly healthier than synthetic fibres. While many of us understand the thread count of sheets is an indicator of quality, that's only part of the equation as you will also want to know what type of fibre and how it was woven.

Top of the line cotton sheets are 100per cent Egyptian pima cotton that is silky smooth but also very durable. As for weave, percale cotton is the plain, matte weave that has a crisp, cool feel, a great choice if you are prone to overheating in bed. The other variety is sateen, a slightly heavier and soft choice. Oxford sheets are a soft and heavy weave. Flannelette is also soft.

Linen bedding is gaining a huge following, as it is a luxurious fibre with a range of benefits. Linen sheets can last for decades and are cooler than cotton. Silk pillowslips have also gained in popularity.