It's time to find a spot for a blueberry bush.
It's time to find a spot for a blueberry bush. Alexandra Grablewski

How to get edible treats in your backyard

THE middle of spring is yet another wonderful time for gardeners. Plants are smothered in fresh foliage and flowers, many fruit trees show the promise of their summer harvest and the vegie patch is humming.

Beautiful blueberries

If home-grown freshly picked blueberries sound tempting then it's time to find a spot at your place for a blueberry bush or two. Blueberries generally prefer warm days and cool nights but there are now varieties available to suit a range of climates (including warmer areas).

Blueberries prefer an acidic, well-drained soil. In areas with alkaline soil (a pH more than seven), an application of Yates Soil Acidifier Liquid Sulfur every month will help lower the soil pH. Some blueberries can also be grown in pots. Choose good quality potting mix.

Blueberries will benefit from regular applications of a complete plant food during spring. Extra potassium encourages fruiting.


Fruit fly control

As fruit like nectarines, peaches, apricots, avocados, guavas, mango and papaw develop, now is the time to start baiting for fruit fly. Queensland and Mediterranean female fruit flies make a small hole in fruit and lay their eggs. These eggs hatch into maggots which ruin fruit.

Together with good garden hygiene (which includes removing fallen fruit from the ground and destroying any fruit fly-affected fruit) home gardeners can help protect their crops from fruit fly by baiting.