Kevin Lind of the Anaheim Ducks is no stranger to international ice hockey, even this far away from home.
Kevin Lind of the Anaheim Ducks is no stranger to international ice hockey, even this far away from home. Faith Moran - Corbis Images

How much damage can one Duck do to Canada?

ANAHEIM Ducks star Defender Kevin Lind will be far from daunted when he steps out to represent the US against Canada in front of a packed crowd at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre tonight.

Lind, 22, has already played in front of some massive crowds at famous American stadiums.

And he has been doing it since he was just 16, playing in the United States Hockey League against some of the best junior stars in the country.

Two years later he was playing in front of rocking 20,000-strong crowds at college level, in the blowtorch of a Final Four game, as an 18-year-old.

Near the top of his list of memorable fixtures is a game he played for the University of Notre Dame against Boston College at the iconic Fenway Park earlier this year.

The game was dubbed the Frozen Fenway clash at the famous old ball park.

"It was surreal," Lind told APN.

"I'm a massive baseball fan, so going into the dugout and seeing names like Babe Ruth on the walls was cool."

All that prepared Lind for his debut NHL game at the Ducks in the season just finished - his first and only taste of top-line ice hockey so far.

"It was a surreal feeling to play a game at that level," he said.

"I had a great defensive partner in Jesse Blacker helping me out.

"I've played hockey at very high levels since I was 16.

"So I'm very excited and honoured to represent the US on this tour."

At the Ducks, Lind was confident his team could push for a Stanley Cup title next year.

"We lost (in the second round of the playoffs last season) to the LA Kings in seven games, and they went on to win the championship," he said.

"We've got great management here in (the finalist for NHL general manager of the year in 2012/2013) Bob Murray, and our head coach Bruce Boudreau has helped me tremendously."

Lind is passionate about the initiative - designed at increasing concussion awareness - that is at the forefront of the US v Canada exhibition series Down Under.

"I've been blessed - I've never suffered from concussion yet, but a lot of my teammates have," Lind said.

"And I'm 100% for raising awareness about it."