Warren cartoon - how good is NSW?
Warren cartoon - how good is NSW?

How good is NSW?

QUEENSLANDERS spent all yesterday complaining about refereeing as they desperately tried to find excuses for losing another State of Origin series to NSW.

But that's all right.

Complaining about referees at least gives Queenslanders a break from complaining about all the other things wrong with their blighted, broke, storm-battered state.




It's quite a list. Queensland's total debt, for example, is heading towards $90 billion. By comparison, NSW is debt-free and has nearly $9 billion in the bank.

We can basically afford to buy most of Brisbane with cash. No loan required.

Queensland Treasurer Jackie Trad's rationalisations for the lame finances are hilarious. In this year's budget she tried to brag about her state's low government sector debt-to-revenue ratio. "It is only lower in NSW because they have chosen to privatise assets," Trad said.

Well, duh. Selling stuff is how you make money. Queenslanders may one day work this out.

Until then they'll just keep stealing.

Even though Queensland has almost 2.5 million fewer people than NSW, their rate of break-and-enters is significantly higher.

Incidentally, here's a verbatim news report from yesterday's Queensland papers: "Gold Coast police are seeking a man with face tattoos and a wild mullet over a string of offences including theft of $480 worth of vibrators and sour gecko lollies."

Be proud, Queenslanders.


Hey, did you know that Queensland's most famous cricketers - Allan Border and Jeff Thomson - came from Sydney?

And that Queensland's longest-serving premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen was a Kiwi? And that when minor characters were written out of Neighbours, they always "moved to Queensland" … where nobody would ever hear from them again?

In NSW our unemployment rate is way down to 4.6 per cent. In Queensland it's above 6 per cent - and even those few who can hold down jobs couldn't get to them yesterday because a few dozen climate protesters blocked Brisbane intersections.

"We are going to keep doing this until our demands are met," protester Tom Howell said. "Brisbane has to get used to this."

And they will, because Queensland police are under instruction to stand around and do nothing. Kind of like Queensland players in Origin II.


A proud Queenslander on the run over alleged dildo theft.
A proud Queenslander on the run over alleged dildo theft.

NSW has provided Australia with 14 prime ministers, the most of any state. Queensland has generated only four prime ministers, and one of those was Kevin Rudd.

The other three weren't much chop either. Andrew Fisher was a blow-in from Scotland who spent most of life wondering what people were talking about because of deafness caused by - this is true - being kicked in the head by a cow.

And Arthur Fadden and Frank Forde between them lasted just 47 days in office.

Still, Queensland does have sunny weather. Enjoy those great beaches, Queenslanders, at least until another tropical cyclone arrives.

That's Queensland for you. Do you know why elderly NSW retirees move there? Because they can still outwit the locals, even after dementia sets in.

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NSW fans have dug deep for the family devastated by a house fire at Singleton, bidding almost $35,000 on the victorious Blues players' State of Origin jerseys.

NSW skipper Boyd Cordner made the decision to auction off every player's Game 3 jersey earlier this week after being rocked by the deaths of six-year-old twin girls Matylda and Scarlett Rinkin and their 12-year-old brother Blake in the blaze a fortnight ago.

The children's mother Kara Atkins, 31, and sister Bayley, 8, survived the fire.


NSW Blues players with the Singleton Greyhounds at the end of the game
NSW Blues players with the Singleton Greyhounds at the end of the game

The auction started on Wednesday and by last night had raised $34,295 in total.

A NSWRL spokeswoman said the players were thrilled with how the auction was going: "It's like what Freddy Fittler always says to the players - 'do something for others'."

Man of the series James Tedesco's signed jersey had fetched $7500 last night after the star fullback sealed the series with a last-minute try.

The second-most popular shirt on the live auction page was James Maloney's which had attracted $4025 while prodigal son Mitchell Pearce drew a bid of $3025.

Club Bombala manager Scott Ingram said he wanted more people to place bids despite leading the race for Dale Finucane's jersey with $1045.

"What happened to that family was absolutely terrible," he said.

"Hopefully there is more money raised for them over the weekend before the auction finishes on Sunday."

A GoFundMe account has raised almost $260,000 for the family in just 14 days.

The Blues' Game 3 win was an especially memorable moment for Blake's under-12 junior rugby league teammates in the Singleton Greyhounds who made the trip down to Sydney to cheer on NSW and even met their state heroes after the win.