Uniting Preschool Grafton's Cultural Experience Program

VIDEO: Clarence kids embracing their cultural identity

FOR THE second year in a row Uniting Preschool in Grafton has banded together with Bundjalung Cultural Experience where the children learn songs, words, phrases and symbols from Bundjalung culture.

Bianca Monaghan and Uncle Roger Duroux from Bundjalung Cultural Experience present the Ninganah No More program to the children.

This program provides an opportunity for Aboriginal culture and identity to be developed in the earliest stage of formal education.

Uniting Preschool nominated supervisor Neil Gorring said the program helped the preschool build partnerships in the community and gave the children a great cultural experience.

"We are really excited, we have been funded to run an Aboriginal Cultural Experience and as part of that program the children are learning about story, culture and language," he said.

Mr Gorring said the preschool decided to focus part of its program on Aboriginal culture because they could see the value of it in the local community.

The program this year has been running for four weeks and ends this month with a performance for their parents.

What is taught in the Ninganah No More program is embedded into the educators program and re-visited throughout the week.

The Pre-school was also awarded an "excellent" rating under the National Quality Standard. This was awarded to only 21 services of 5504 in NSW and ACT.