A reader is suggesting a registration fee for cyclists to help fund roadside repairs.
A reader is suggesting a registration fee for cyclists to help fund roadside repairs. Iain Curry

How about a fee for cyclists to repair roads?

WITH reference to the comments earlier in the week about the appalling state of the roads.

It is not good enough the condition of roadsides are allowed to remain in a poor state of repair.

It is dangerous to cyclists who have to ride out onto the road and risk death and injury from passing vehicles.

It is not reasonable for them to have to repair the punctures and damaged rims that result from rough surfaces and rubbish on the roadsides.

A reasonable way to fund the necessary repairs and clean-up costs would be to charge a minimal registration fee of say $100 per annum with the funds earmarked for rectification of the deficiencies mentioned by the writer.

If the amounts collected were insufficient then the annual fee could be increased until sufficient funds were available.

Local councils could then apply to Queensland Transport for the necessary funds to carry out the work.

Only those paying the registration fee would be allowed to ride on these roads and with a number plate to be displayed on each bicycle so the police would be able to issue on the spot fines for those found to be riding unregistered.

Motorists currently have to contend with potholes and poorly maintained roads and the rising costs of registration to meet the ever-increasing cost of road maintenance.

It would be so easy to raise a large amount of money for the necessary repairs and the clean-up the writer has mentioned, without adversely affecting the present funding system.

Some roads of course would have to be made "off limits" for cyclists due to the high cost of maintaining a reasonable riding surface on very narrow roads but that would only improve the safety of cyclists who currently ride a bicycle on the narrow roads and risk death or injury from passing vehicles who have nowhere to go to avoid them.




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