Josh and Brandon Jarius toured their newly renovated home on House Rules tonight.
Josh and Brandon Jarius toured their newly renovated home on House Rules tonight. Channel 7

House Rules reno adds six figures to brothers' home

ADDING to the value of your home through a renovation is part of the Aussie real estate dream.

But an increase in value of more than 50 percent in just a week, especially in a country town, is unheard of.

Josh and Brandon Jarius's decision to apply for House Rules has paid off in spades.

In the most successful renovation so far this season, the seven-day transformation of the brothers' Maryborough stilt home has added a whopping $130,000 to its market value.

Josh and Brandon were told the good news after walking through their new home on the show tonight. Their house was valued at $220,000 before the renovations. 

"It's weird going through your house and seeing it all different," Josh told the Chronicle.

"It was hard to know what to say."

Overall, the siblings were blown away by their 'flash' new lads' pad, which included a bar with beer on tap, a new kitchen, master en-suite with a fridge and a TV in the mirror and a secret doorway to a study.

Only a few spaces missed the mark, including Josh's bedroom. His request for a "rap video" master clearly confused Leigh and Kristie.

"The idea was like an MTV Cribs-style main bedroom, like something a rapper would have with all the drop-down TVs, gadgets and gizmos," Brandon said.

Josh added: "Not naked photos of rappers."

Josh's 'rap video' master bedroom. Supplied by Channel 7.
Josh liked the fabric feature wall, just not the shirtless photo of Tupac.

The chippies, who are loved by their fellow teams, also had the unenviable task of deciding not to award five points for their bonus music room, which Mel and Dave failed to complete.

"They just knock these rooms up in seven days, which is pretty crazy," Brandon said.

"We still love what they've done."

The decision means Mel and Dave are now on the bottom of the leader board and will spend the next week sleeping in a tent.

Josh and Brandon are back on the tools on the show tomorrow night, when work begins on mum and daughter Kim and Michelle's three-bedroom home in Tweed Heads.

House Rules airs Sundays at 7pm and Mondays to Wednesdays at 7.30pm on Channel 7.


Final scores for M'boro reno

Chiara and David: 30

Leigh and Kristie: 27

Toad and Mandy: 26

Jess and Jared: 25

Kim and Michelle: 24

Mel and Dave: 20 (after five point deduction for bonus room)