This land sold so fast even the designers of this graphic couldn't keep up. There are now only two lots left.
This land sold so fast even the designers of this graphic couldn't keep up. There are now only two lots left.

HOT PROPERTY: Blink and you’ll miss it

SOME of the hottest beachside property is up for sale in Yamba but by the time you read this, it could be too late.

With no marketing and no advertising beyond a humble signboard and window card, nearly all 15 blocks of The Dunes Estate in Yamba have been snapped up in just six days.

It was no wonder, with the land sitting in a prime beach-front location overlooking Pippi Beach, back from Rocky Laurie Dr.

For principal of First National, Yamba David Lovell, it was a fitting end to get some of the last remaining waterfront land to market after years of work.

And the big question was whether this was the fastest-selling land he had ever sold?

"It is not a common occurrence to get a lovely little beach side subdivision to offer to the market," he said.

"So I guess the answer would be yes.

"It has proven to be a successful subdivision."

The land behind Pippi Beach was certainly in a great location and Mr Lovell emphasised just how rare it was to get Torrens title land released that close to the ocean - "if ever."

A list of around 115 people had registered their interest in grabbing a piece of the action and a combination of the prime location and rare opportunity fuelled a buying frenzy which didn't surprise Mr Lovell.

"To my knowledge there has probably never been a vacant land subdivision ever released that close to the ocean, (in Yamba) so no wonder people wanted it," he said.

"When we finally released it, there was obviously a good number of people who said - 'great, thank you, I'll buy it'."

"And here we stand at the moment, I think we only have two or three blocks left."

So as the dust settles on what Mr Lovell described as an "unbelievably exciting" project discussion now turned to what the town can expect from the newest development on the coast.

"You are going to have a good number of single dwellings built in there because a lot of the people who have built there are end users - or people who are going to call it their home," he said.

"And potentially some duplexes, triplexes and maybe some larger sites.

"I have worked hand in glove with the developer (Burcher Property Group) for 25 years and got to know him (Mr Burcher) very well over time.

"They had the vision of what he calls 'something on the menu for everyone' and that's the way it has worked out, it is going to be a nice mix."