Hot jam poured on inmate’s genitals

A PRISONER had a 1kg tub of hot jam thrown on his genitals and was stabbed in a serious assault in a southeast Queensland jail, officers have revealed.

The Sunday Mail has been told the assault was in retaliation to the prisoner assaulting his two-year-old stepson.

The prisoner was taken to hospital after he was assaulted at Borallon jail at Ipswich last week.


"He had a 1kg bucket of jam heated up in the microwave and thrown over his genitalia," an officer told The Sunday Mail.

"Worst assault some staff have ever seen.

"It was allegedly over him assaulting his two-year-old stepson."

A prison officer said some jails had microwaves removed from parts of centres after baked beans were thrown over an officer several years ago at Woodford.

The officer questioned if it was time that microwaves were removed from all areas in jails.

Days after the jam assault, three prisoners took to the rooftop of Borallon in a "code silver" in a separate incident.

And a day later the jail was locked down after prisoners trashed windows and televisions and flooded their cells.

A Queensland Corrective Services spokesman confirmed the prison assault took place on April 9.

"The prisoner was transported to hospital for treatment of burns and other injuries and has since returned to the centre," the spokesman said.

Police have now been tasked with an investigation.

"CSIU (the Corrective Services Investigation Unit) are investigating the matter so it would be inappropriate to provide any further comment," the spokesman said.

The jail episodes are among a spate of incidents across the state's prisons in recent weeks.

There have been other rooftop incidents, a riot at Woodford and two stabbings at Maryborough jail and a drone seen flying nearby which led to a lockdown.

Prisoners have become agitated because they are not allowed visits from family and friends, due to measures introduced to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Officers say one of the reasons they believe prisoners are so angry is that they can't get access to drugs which could be brought in during visits.

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