Home movie takes cover in op shop

THIS story is not about some people's questionable taste in home entertainment, but rather a local woman's efforts to help get a family memento back in the right hands.

Sherryll Jones purchased this film starring Leslie Nielsen for her grandson from a local op shop but when she got home she saw a switch had been made.

Instead of the movie she found a VHS with "Gran's 90th birthday" written on the spine.

Sherryll said she didn't play the video because she didn't want to intrude on another family's privacy.

"It would be really sad if it hasn't been converted to DVD and this is all a family has left of their grandmother, so I was hoping the Advocate could help track down the owner," Sherryll said.

If you've misplaced the video of Gran's big bash and recently consigned some VHS tapes to an op shop, phone the Advocate on 6652 2522.