IT HAS long been a point of contention what the best Christmas movie of all time is.

However, 20th Century Fox has, quite literally, blown the argument to smithereens.

It's Die Hard.

With a "Ho ho ho" the studio has recut the movie trailer for Bruce Willis' ionic Christmas time jaunt through Nakatomi Plaza, rebranding it as "The Greatest Christmas Story"

Complete with Christmas musack, cheesy voiceover and a storyline that barely skips around the murderous intent of eternal grinch Hans Gruber, you've never quite seen Die Hard presented like this.

The late Alan Rickman, who also starred in perennial Christmas favourite Love Actually is still in there as the witty, yet maniacal villain, and Bruce Willi's on screen wife, the aptly named Holly - also gets a cameo.

And yes, Bruce Willis still gets to say "yippy-kiyay..."

What more could you want at Christmas time. 20th Century Fox wants you to go out and buy the five-pack of movies, naturally, but don't worry about the others (although Die Hard with a Vengeance was pretty good) and rewatch a classic Christmas tale, though perhaps not with the kids.

The argument is settled once and for all, although, wasn't Die Hard 2 at Christmas as well?