Stephen Moore, 58, was killed in a hit and run in Gladstone on Sunday night.
Stephen Moore, 58, was killed in a hit and run in Gladstone on Sunday night.

'Gentle giant': Family theory on how hit-run unfolded

A MAN killed in a tragic hit and run in Gladstone on Sunday was a grandfather of 13 and a "gentle giant", his family have revealed.

Stephen Moore, 58, was walking along Red Rover Rd in an industrial area between 6.45pm and 7.15pm when police suspect he was struck accidentally by a passing vehicle, possibly a truck.

His family say his car may have suffered a breakdown because it was notoriously unreliable.

Mr Moore's daughter told The Courier-Mail that he was a generous and hardworking Queensland bloke.

"If someone needed something welded or a car fixed he was there," daughter Kylie Heard said.

"He would do absolutely anything for his family or friends."

Police are hoping witnesses will come forward to help them piece together exactly what happened to Mr Moore.

The family was told on Monday by police that car troubles may have forced Mr Moore to walk along the road.

"(Police) think he was walking from his car. It was always breaking down so our only guess is that it broke down and he started walking home," Mrs Heard said.

Mrs Heard said her father is survived by his wife, two daughters, one son and 13 grandchildren.

She said Mr Moore had lived a full and rich life among a circle of friends who knew him simply as "Moorie".

"My dad was known as the gentle giant, arms covered in tattoos and looked a bit scary but was the most beautiful man would help anyone," Mrs Heard said.

"He was a boilermaker worked for CB & L, worked for LNG, United Group and was last at Waltz just to name a few - right back to when Caneebie Engeering was around."

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.