Last Stand at Nymboida documents the Nymboida miners' strike.
Last Stand at Nymboida documents the Nymboida miners' strike.

Historic coal mine story on TV

ALMOST 40 years since a coal mine in the Nymboida Valley made history, the story is about to be told on television.

Last Stand at Nymboida documents a significant and often overlooked moment in Coffs Coast history - the Nymboida miners' strike.

Hidden beneath the remote Nymboida Valley, a tough band of local men labored in the dark and dangerous tunnels of Australia's most primitive coal mine. 

But faced with the sack in 1975, these men staged a daring worker rebellion.

Forged in solidarity and mateship, it was a rebellion that would be tested by doubt and disaster - and ultimately bring about a victory of international significance.

The award winning documentary of the remarkable story as told by those who lived it will be broadcast on the History Channel on Friday, September 14.

The documentary will recount how in February 1975, the Nymboida miners found themselves on the industrial scrap heap when they were given the sack. With just a week's notice, the Queensland based company that owned the mine issued the men with dismissal notices.

They were not just out of a job though. They were also going to lose their entitlements.
The men didn't simply accept the decision though. They would make one final desperate stand. They would break the law, go back to work and run the mine themselves.I

t was the beginning of an unprecedented worker rebellion - a battle that pitted 30 local men against a faceless company, with the law on its side.

Few expected the rebellion to last but these men were not going to walk away - not with the support of their union, their families and the local community.
The Nymboida miners soon found themselves in the international spot light.

On March 11  the company finally caved in.

In an extraordinary admission of defeat, the company handed over the mine to the men and their union, the Miners Federation.

Against the odds, the miners won a truly remarkable victory.

Never before, anywhere in the world, had a worker take-over succeeded in the mining industry. The miners had demonstrated to the world that workers can refuse to take the sack.