HIGH TIME FOR CHANGE: CWA members, Mikayla Pennisi, Robyn Kerr, June Kelly prepare for Saturday's High Tea
HIGH TIME FOR CHANGE: CWA members, Mikayla Pennisi, Robyn Kerr, June Kelly prepare for Saturday's High Tea TREVOR VEALE

High time for a change

BY HOSTING a high tea, the local Country Women's Association is hoping to not only spread the jam and cream but to spread the word about their work and entice new members to join their ranks.

"We need new members with new ideas,” said Irene Wells, president Coffs CWA.

"I hear many women say 'Oh I'm not old enough to join' thinking the CWA is only for ladies of a certain age. But it's simply not the case.

"We are shaking off the old twin-set and pearls image and letting women of all ages know this organisation continues to look forward and we need input and enthusiasm from women of all ages, especially the younger ones.”

In a bid to increase accessibility and interest from younger women, the Coffs Harbour CWA is looking at different ways to reach women.

"These days we have to be technologically advanced and already have a NSW virtual branch that meets over the internet once a month. We are also willing to adapt meeting times. If there is interest in having night or weekend meetings to suit women in the workforce we could certainly look at offering those alternatives.”

The CWA was formed in 1922 when country women were fighting isolation and a lack of health facilities. During the years members worked tirelessly to set up baby health care centres, fund bush nurses, build and staff maternity wards, hospitals, schools and rest homes. Members have been initiators, fighters and lobbyists and made localities into communities by providing social activities and educational, recreational and medical facilities. Many great support networks and friendships have been made over a cuppa at a CWA meeting.

"In Coffs we are raising money for several organisations. As well as our ongoing drought relief work we support a local school and medical research programs for endometriosis and lymphoedema.

"We're a friendly, diverse group of women open to new ideas. So come along to our high tea, which was the idea of a group of younger women who have just joined, and see what we're all about.”

Event: Coffs CWA High Tea

Date: 1.30pm, July 6

Venue: 3 Dalley St, Coffs

Tix: $25 - Robyn 6652 1006, Mikayla 0431 984 650

Inquiries: Irene Wells 0408 412 337 or coffscwa@gmail.com