A mini greyhound dog — among the dogs in a Surfers Paradise high rise.
A mini greyhound dog — among the dogs in a Surfers Paradise high rise.

High rise poo: Surfers becoming like a 'zoo'

THE increasing number of pets living in high rises is coming at a cost with tradies refusing to repair buildings because of dirty balconies.

"Tenants are toileting their pets on mats-fake grass on the balconies then hosing the urine and faeces off the balconies which in turns lands on the building and balconies on lower levels," Jan Briggs, a unit owner at The Pinnacle in Surfers Paradise, wrote to the body corporate.

"It has been suggested the body corporate committee are going to be given more control over the pet issue in high rise buildings. Any suggestions on how we manage this environmentally disgusting issue?"

The body corporate said the Gold Coast City Council had been contacted but officers told they had no jurisdiction on dogs inside high rise buildings.

"The painters were saying that some residents hose the waste down the drains and it overflows and stains the tiles and gets into the grout - (you get a) pong," a body corporate spokesman said. "The balconies have become backyards.

Should dogs be allowed in high rise buildings?

This poll ended on 18 July 2017.

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Yes, but only small ones


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No. It's cruel to keep them in a unit


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