MYSTERY: Who was this child ?
MYSTERY: Who was this child ? Coffs Harbour Regional Museum

Help solve a history mystery

CAN you help solve a history mystery?

In an ornate convex glass frame, the photo of an unknown child has graced the walls of the Coffs Harbour Regional Museum for many years.

It's a treasured item at the museum with the label underneath reading: 'Unknown beautiful child.'

The portrait shows the young child, standing alone, one hand resting lightly on a small table.

The photograph may commemorate a christening but staff are keen to learn more.

Wearing a white dress with cape and slippers, the toddler holds the viewer's gaze. The only colour in the photograph is the blue of the cape's ribbon tie which led staff to the conclusion it was a boy.

Discussion on the museum's Facebook page soon questioned this.

'Actually, originally blue was considered a girls' colour because it was more calm and pink being more vibrant was for boys. Given the age of the photo it could be a girl. Hope someone recognises it and sheds some light on the identity of the child,' wrote Lisa S Paine.

Museum staff are hoping Advocate readers may be able to help establish the child's identity.

Email if you can shed more light on this photo or if you have any history mystery photos of your own.