Have no sympathy for law breakers

I AM so over hearing someone say their conviction for speeding, thieving, assault etc is too severe.

I say throw the book at them.

On my way to Woolgoolga taking my granddaughter to work, I could see in my revision mirror a motorcycle driver catching me up very quickly.

I was travelling at 110km/h and the driver passed me very quickly and continued to veer around other cars ahead of me to get clear, then disappear ahead.

Such a pity we don't have more officers for our roads and villages, especially Moonee Beach in the late night hours and early mornings.

Their souped-up vehicles speed out of one roundabout then set records to either reach Coffs Harbour or north to Woolgoolga.

Judy White-Singh

Protest at land clearing western side of Highway at Emerald Beach18 DEC 2018
Protest at land clearing western side of Highway at Emerald Beach18 DEC 2018 TREVOR VEALE

Devastation of land at Emerald Beach

THE clearing of land at Emerald Beach is devastating.

In May this year I tried to contact some authority, some group or someone that could recommend how some of this land and vegetation could be protected.

The council claimed they had no authority, the National Parks have no jurisdiction.

The Department of Environment and Heritage did contact the owner of the land regarding the osprey's nest tree.

In total frustration another member of our group and I visited the property.

All the gates were locked so we walked along the boundary fence to observe where the clearing was starting.

Two males approached us from the dwelling on the property.

One man said he was the owner.

He said he had been contacted regarding the osprey's tree and as he said "I am a nature lover and I won't touch the tree".

This however missed our whole point about the complete habitat that is being destroyed right up Settlers Rd. Signs have been put up declaring Settlers Rd is private property.

I doubt if this is correct and I hope people will drive up and see the devastation of old trees and habitat yet to be destroyed by this nature lover.

Dell Beasley

Moonee Beach angel ring.
Moonee Beach angel ring. Rachel Vercoe

How do we best use the angel rings?

WHILE it was heartening to see angel rings erected at Moonee Beach, are there any instructions and pictures for non-English- speaking visitors to show how to use one?

Are we to try to swim out with it? Surely we don't put our body through it?

Half of us would not fit. It would be useless to swim like that.

Do we tow it behind us? Does it have a way of attaching to the rescuer?

Would the angel ring come with instructions on site?

I could see it being of some use if someone was washed off rocks and you could throw it out.

But when people are washed out in the creek and are hundreds of metres away, what then?

Sue Hancock.



THUMBS UP to Jason who was down at Boambee Beach last Saturday. I really appreciated your assistance and kindness when I fell awkwardly and sprained my ankle. You stayed with me until my husband could drive onto the beach and pick me up. Thanks again.

Carolyn Collins


THUMBS UP to the Cleanaway team. Phoned them about my wheelie bins needing repair, lady on the phone was amazing and fixed straight away. Excellent service. Thank you.

Cassie Cameron


THUMBS UP to Laura at Reece Plumbing who was very helpful to my 85-year-old mum the other day.

Ann Eva


THUMBS UP to Craig from Blue Toro Mechanics, went beyond to get our car back on road on a really hot day.

Renee Anne


THUMBS UP to the lovely guy who works at the Base Hospital looking after the parking and issuing tickets. He rescued me when I must have accidentally activated alarm on my car, unable to open window or open door to get out. He knew to repress my key to reset. Thank you.

Brenda Ebel


THUMBS UP to the person at Ulmarra Ampol who handed my wallet in.

Janice Stanlan


THUMBS DOWN to the people who have no respect for the road rules.

It's a shame we have less that 50 per cent of the police needed to fix this town. The double demerit system should be all the time and double that rate for holidays etc.

David Carey


THUMBS DOWN to NBN Co. for making the town look third world. Wire, cables, fibre optics hanging off the poles all over the place.

Scott Roach


THUMBS DOWN. More bins are needed at our beaches and foreshore areas.

Johno Jones


THUMBS DOWN:  To the teenagers outside Coles encouraging your dogs to fight.

Michelle James