Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker speaking in Parliament.
Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker speaking in Parliament.

Hartsuyker: Locals will feel pinch

LOCAL Federal MP Luke Hartsuyker told the House of Representatives that local businesses will be feeling the pinch next week.

Speaking to the House yesterday, Mr Hartsuyker referred to a number of small businesses in the Cowper electorate which were set to be hit with higher power prices, increases in the cost of refrigerants and a rise in fuel costs due to the introduction of the Carbon Tax this Sunday.

"Faircloth & Reynolds, an air conditioning business in Coffs Harbour, which is in my electorate, has six vans and employs a combination of experienced operators and apprentices," Mr Hartsuyker said.

"Dave Reynolds told me that it will cost an extra $4000 to stock each van.

"That is an extra cost being put on this business by this government."

The Gillard Government claims only 500 companies will pay the tax but the local member said the refrigerant R404A is going to be hit by a massive carbon tax that will increase the cost of the gas from $92.88 per kilo to $377.71 per kilo.

Mr Hartsuyker also referred to another constituent based further north in the electorate.

He retold the comments from Graeme Nicholson from Nicholson and Page Transport in Maclean who explained how increased operating costs were hurting small trucking companies.

"He said: 'It might be all right for road freight companies with the benefit of large, diversified logistics and storage operations but for smaller operators solely focused on long-haul transport the impact on their bottom line would be significant.'" the House was told.

While relaying the thoughts of local voters, Mr Hartsuyker went on the front foot against the Government.

"When I go around my electorate I hear people who are very worried," he said.

"They worry whether their business is going to be able to continue. They tell me they are just hanging on.

"They tell me they need to get rid of this government. Consumer confidence is low and business confidence is low, and what assistance do they get? They get a great big new tax."