Ethical shoes by Gideon.
Ethical shoes by Gideon.

Handmade ethical shoes by Gideon

WE all love a new pair of kicks but when they’re ethically produced and the proceeds go to a well deserving charity, not only do your feet get a present but your conscience does as well.

Brothers Matt and Rupert Noffs are the grandchildren of the much loved and respected Rev Ted Noffs, who started the Wayside Chapel in Sydney’s Kings Cross in 1964: an open door drop in centre for down and outs who needed a friendly shoulder to lean on.

Fast forward 43 years and The Noffs started The Street University, a retreat for marginalised kids in Western Sydney.

Two years later, the brothers set out to start an ethical shoe company whose profits would sustain it: GIDEON was born.

If you’re looking for delicious, buttery and supple, Australian hand made and customised leather goodness that are guaranteed to make your feet swoon then look no further than GIDEON.

Take your pick from those designed by creative directors Damon Downey (ex Sneaky Sounds) and Rupert Noffs, or customise your own from classic leather and Kangaroo to fluro cane toad detailing.

The GIDEON Gould Street, Bondi store opened its doors last week and next stop is NYC later this year, with the help and guidance of PR guru, Kelly Cutrone.

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