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GROUP 2: Grafton Ghosts appeal points penalty

RUGBY LEAGUE: Grafton Ghosts have lodged an appeal to Country Rugby League after the Group 2 administration docked them four competition points for playing an unregistered player earlier this season.

Group 2 chief administration officer Jim Anderson confirmed the Ghosts were penalised for fielding an unregistered player in their opening two wins of the season, but with an appeal pending before the CRL, he declined to comment further.

Mr Anderson said the group were made aware of the issue when it was reported to them by the Grafton Ghosts.

Ghosts president Gary Gillespie said the club would fight the decision, and the appeal was expected to be heard by CRL administration some time this week.

This isn't the first time this season a club has been stung by an unregistered player, with the South Grafton Rebels also found to have breached the rules and penalised two competition points after their first- round win over the Woolgoolga Seahorses.

Gillespie said the news of the Group 2 penalty did not overshadow the team's strong 38-12 win over the Comets on Sunday.

"It was a great win and everyone stood up and accounted for themselves," he said.

"I thought Danny (Wicks) had his best game since he returned to the club, his impact was huge.

"One of the best things of the day was when after the game the boys were telling me in the sheds at half time Ben McLennan spoke up and said they needed to go out and win and have some fun, and that's what they did."