A keelback snake swallowing a green tree frog.
A keelback snake swallowing a green tree frog.

GOTCHA: snake caught with frog in the throat

A CUDGEN resident has captured on camera a rare sight a snake in the throws of devouring a frog.

Murwillumbah Snake Catchers owner Max Walker shared the image of the keelback snake swallowing its lunch of a green tree frog.

He said a client of his had sent him the image after he was surprised to see the snake eating the frog.

Mr Walker said keelbacks weren't fussy about the frogs they'd eat, consuming all types including small cane toads.

"Keelbacks are not venomous and are the only Australian snake capable of eating cane toads,"

Mr Walker said.


Keelback snakes are capable of eating cane toads.
Keelback snakes are capable of eating cane toads.

"They can't eat a big (cane toad) as it will kill them but they do have some degree of tolerance to the poison.

"It's a fairly common snake around waterways where it feeds on frogs, toads, fish, tadpoles and lizards."

But while they're not venomous, Mr Walker warned people should still contact a snake catcher if they spot one around their home.

"If they are in the house, they're harmless as they've got no poison but they are very similar (looking) to the rough-scaled snake," he said.

"(The rough-scaled snake) is highly poisonous and are up there with the red-bellied black snake.

"They look very similar, unless you know what to look for."

Mr Walker said keelbacks could be very aggressive if handled by an non-professional snake catcher.

"They thrash around. Their defence is to act really aggressive and scare you," he said.

"They also let go of this horrible smell and they can detach the end of their tail."