The fake $50 notes have Chinese symbols on them. Picture: ACT Police
The fake $50 notes have Chinese symbols on them. Picture: ACT Police

Glaring mistake on fake $50 note

Police have warned people to check any $50 notes they receive after discovering counterfeit bills in circulation.

There are "quite distinctive" differences between the fake notes and real ones, according to the ACT Police.

A major difference is they are printed on paper and have blue Chinese characters printed where the clear window should be.

Genuine notes also have serial numbers and other security features but these counterfeit bills have none of those.

The fake banknotes are similar to those that were used in locations across Australia in 2017, and appear to be training banknotes from overseas.

ACT Policing Detective Acting Superintendent Jason Kennedy said people should take a moment to inspect their notes and ensure they are genuine.

"If you don't think a banknote you've been presented with is genuine, then don't accept it," he said.

"These notes in particular are easily detected as being fake from the briefest inspection, if you take the time to look at them."

"If you do receive what you believe to be a counterfeit banknote, try to handle it as little as possible to preserve evidence. Note the description of the person who gave it to you and contact police on 131 444."