Warning of 'girl chased and terrorised' goes national

UPDATE: A SUNSHINE Coast football club has expressed their surprise at the Australia-wide attention a child safety warning received after they warned parents to be on the lookout for men chasing and terrorising a teenage girl.

Palmwoods Warriors Football Club posted the warning on its Facebook site on Tuesday, warning friends, families and visitors.

"The response has been largely positive which is good, but we had no idea it would go off life this," Warrior Football Club secretary Tammy Milligan said.

"All we wanted to do was let people know there was someone in the area and to be mindful of it.

"If any child got hurt I would feel responsible if I didn't say anything.

"It wasn't my intention to create panic, I just wanted this incident to be a example for a talking point for parents to have that conversation about safety with their kids.

"People are just too complacent these days."


The Daily's story sharing the club's warning has been shared on Facebook almost 400 times. The Daily's FB post has been seen by almost 50,000 people.

CHILD SAFETY ALERT: A Sunshine Coast football club has issued a safety warning after a 13-year-old girl was 'chased and...

Posted by Sunshine Coast Daily on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Girl, 13, 'chased and terrorised' on Sunshine Coast

A SUNSHINE Coast football club has issued a safety warning after a 13-year-old girl was 'chased and terrorised' by the occupants of two cars after getting off the school bus.

Palmwoods Warriors Football Club posted the warning on its Facebook site on Tuesday, warning friends, families and visitors.

"Today at approximately 3.45pm a young girl (13 years old) got off the school bus near the soccer fields on Jubilee Drive as she always does.

"She was in the process of walking home towards McKees Road end of Jubilee Drive when she was chased and terrorised by two cars.

"We don't have much detail to go on, as she was too scared to notice too much except that one was a smaller silver car, the second car was a red car with a 'P' plate on it.

"It is believed that the silver car was parked rear end in in the angle parking along the fence tucked up behind those shrubs there, near the competitive goals waiting.

"There was one occupant in each car, yelling things out the window at her like "we're gonna get you".

"The young girl came and stood near a family at soccer and when she thought they were gone, she decided to make a run for home.

"However they must have been waiting somewhere else watching for her. 

"They then attempted to box her in, with one car up each end trying to trap her.

"Thankfully she made it home very scared but safe, and her parents have reported the incident to the local police.

"The police are going to do some drive throughs along Jubilee Drive around school bus time.

The club urged parents to be vigilant with their children and report any suspicious behaviour to the police.

"This young girl is not a member of our soccer club, but friends with people who are.

"I have asked that the message be passed to the family if the young girl ever feels unsafe to come to the soccer club and ask for help from a committee member (in red shirts).

"We ask that all of you please also know what time your children finish training, and be back at least 5 minutes prior to the finishing time, if you don't actually stay at training.

"Coaches should not have to wait around for extended periods of time waiting for children to be picked up.

But she added:  "Coaches, please do not leave until all of your children are picked up by their parents."

"We don't wish to cause panic, just merely ask that we work together as a community to ensure all of our children and other local children are safe."

"Please keep your eyes on the road, be vigilant, report anything suspicious, and most of all, have a chat with your kids about personal safety and being aware of strangers.

"For those children catching buses from school and being dropped off anywhere from the local IGA to the soccer fields, please walk in groups."

Palmwoods became the centre of national attention in 2003 when Sunshine Coast teenager Daniel Morcombe disappeared while waiting for a bus to go to the Sunshine Plaza shopping centre to buy Christmas presents.

Local schools are very actively involved in the Day for Daniel, including joining a walk completing the return journey that Daniel never got to do.

The walk finishes at one of the two football grounds on Jubilee Drive.