Norma Tanna is a volunteer wrapper at the Gladstone Kin Kora Shopping Centre, Stockland.
Norma Tanna is a volunteer wrapper at the Gladstone Kin Kora Shopping Centre, Stockland. Brenda Strong

Gifts all wrapped up with love

YOU haven't really tested your gift-wrapping skills until you've wrapped a fishing rod.

Gift-wrapping volunteers Sue Fewtrell and Eileen Day have seen it all - from rods to lawn mowers to surf-boards.

"You have to stick a lot of paper together," Ms Fewtrell observed. "It can take a while."

It's the ladies' second year volunteering at Stockland in order to raise money for the Cancer Council and the Red Cross - and, of course, to make sure every present under the tree looks its best.

"I think the younger guys really appreciate it," Ms Day said.

"We've seen guys come in with a little jewellery pack and donated $20 for us to wrap it for them."

"As long as they don't have to do it themselves, they're happy."

It's a task that some love and others dread - but there's no denying a beautifully wrapped Christmas present adds an extra "something' to the gift of giving.

Those who are wrapped about wrapping can take advantage of Christmas to experiment with different ideas and styles.

Some wrap to a theme - gold and silver always look good - and others will mix it up with a variety of bright and wacky paper.

Ribbons are a must, and wired ribbons are recommended for a simple-to-achieve, yet effective, look.

Those who have a little present may keep the recipient guessing by wrapping the little box in a much bigger box - double the fun!

And kids will love having a little lolly or treat attached to their main present.

Ms Fewtrell and Ms Day said if you're not keen on doing it yourself, you may as well put some money toward a good cause and have others wrap your presents for you.

"It costs however much you'd like to donate," Ms Day said.

"A gold coin or $20 - it's up to you."



  • Don't go overboard on the sticky tape
  • Cut the paper to fit the present - too much paper can be lumpy and make your present look poorly wrapped
  • Add a special touch, a pretty ribbon or a lolly for the kids